1. Before we ever start working on your car, we listen to you and use our expertise to ask smart questions so we can hone in on what is wrong quickly.

2. We always test drive your vehicle so we can feel, hear, or see exactly what you do. We encourage you to come along on the test drive.

3. Our ASE Certified technicians are one of our secrets to fixing you car right the first time. Based on their experience, our best technician for your particular concern will be assigned to your vehicle.

4. Next we go to work and look at the whole car. We go through the Mike's Auto Service Courtesy Inspection that checks numerous systems of your vehicle. We rank them as Good, Needs Attention, or Critical - Needs Immediate Attention.

5. Once testing and inspection are completed, you will be contacted with an estimate before any repairs are started. As far as we are concerned, surprise bills are never welcome. No hidden taxes or fees here, the complete price is quoted up front.

6. After you approve the repair, we provide you an estimate of the completion time and when you can plan on picking up your car.

7. Our technician will then go to work and fix your car, right the first time.

8. Upon completion of the repairs, the assigned technician will take your vehicle for a thorough road test to confirm that the repairs were completed correctly.

9. But wait.... we're not done yet. Yet another technician will perform a quality assurance inspection to doubly insure that all is well with your vehicle.

10. Finally, we will call you and arrange a time to get you back into your vehicle. We'll even call you afterwards to make sure everything is running smoothly for you and your car!

Why risk frustration or disappointment? Call Mike's Auto Service today!


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