ROB C- Verified customer

Great service and trustworthy advice! We drive almost an hour to have Mike and his team take care of our cars. We would not trust our cars to anyone else. Thanks, Mike

Anonymous- Verified customer

Excellent service as always and a ride to and from the shop after the car was delivered. Never have to worry about Mike's pushing unneeded service...very ethical and honest.

SCOTT D- Verified customer

Everyone there is very nice and helpful, and to see Mike play the part of gardener let me know he has pride in what he does. Nice over all, Thanks.

JUDY & JIM A- Verified customers

As always excellent service! You folks are the best at what you do, and have customer service beyond belief! Fair, and reasonable prices make this a plus for me. Keep up the good work!

BONNIE & DAVID D- Verified customers

As I have come to know the personalities behind the business, I sense a positive karma and energy that is really dynamic and makes for an enjoyable visit to their establishment. It only adds to the trust I feel for their brand of service when I get those qualifying questions as to my automotive needs and a concise rundown of the nature of the problem.

SUSAN & JOSE S- Verified customers

I was very pleased how professional, quick, clean, and most of all honest Mike’s Auto is. I was told by another mechanic that I needed brakes and other things done to my car. So, I waited to go to Mike’s Auto. I went to mikes auto believing my brakes needed to be replaced, but upon inspection it simply turned out i needed new tires. I would have spend money on my car that was not needed due to dishonest mechanics. I would recommend Mike’s Auto in Newington. I am very pleased.

DENNIS & NANCY S -Verified customers

Always the best as it has been for the past 28 plus years!!!!!

MARGARET S -Verified customer

This place is seriously the best. They are always friendly, helpful, efficient, reasonable and fair. As I was previously an auto claims adjuster, I know that shops like this are hard to come by. They are not shady and they do not try to take advantage of you. This is the only shop my husband and I use.

BONNIE & DAVID D- Verified customers

It was just routine, but maintenance and upkeep of your car is part of the commitment Mike's Auto makes to you as a customer. Because of the periodic emails I subscribe to I know that my service connection is my rock of Gibraltar, part of the automotive milieu that keeps me mobile. I know I am not taken for granted and likewise I don't take for granted the quality service they provide.

MICHELE B -Verified customer

Service at Mike's Auto is like it always is - couldn't be better. I have 150% trust in the quality of work and that they stand behind everything they do. I can't imagine how they could possibly improve their services. Even their office is comfortable... maybe they could have a spa for us ladies.... recliners... pedicures!!! I recommend them every single chance I can. They would NEVER take advantage of anyone. Furthermore - I've seen them extend kindnesses FREE of charge. Good, good people.

Anonymous- Verified customer

I'm a car guy, and my car is my baby so handing over the keys is not the same as handing over my clothes to be dry cleaned. Since 2010, Mike's Auto Service is the place I go to have my '98 Buick Regal GS repaired- no need to go anywhere else.

JENNA N- Verified customer

I was very impressed with the excellent service I received from every single member of the staff that I interacted with at Mike's, and I couldn't be happier with the awesome job done on my pick-up. Thanks so much for providing such excellent customer service!

SONNY & ALINA B- Verified customers

The service was amazing!! I had a tire balance done and the car runs so amazing! I should have done this way sooner. It's beyond perfect. Customer service was great also :)...will definitely keep coming back

Anonymous Verified customer

I've been a customer for more years than I care to count and I couldn't say enough about this establishment. First and primary is the TRUST issue - these people REALLY care and would NEVER overcharge, let alone charge you for something that wasn't needed. In fact, they'll tell you well in advance when they can see that something will need attention. There is a good reason they are always busy there - professionalism at it's finest. Staff is well chosen - always super nice and great at what they do. Mike's Auto Service is the ONLY place I'd ever go with ANY problem. The best. Where can you

PAUL & MIMI P- Verified customers

First time customer and future customer for life. Car runs just like new!! Mike knows how to treat people , I would recommend him to all my friends

SANDY H -Verified customer

My experience with Mike's started with an emission test! They were all super professional and courteous. I returned for an oil change and returned again for new tires and further maintenance. All my visits were a joy! I felt comfortable with the staff's knowledge and communication. They worked within my budget and drove me home for the 3hr service. I will only be going to Mike's in the future

LORRAINE P- Verified customer

Don't know which pleases me most - the work done or the people who work there. If businesses would only realize how important it is for owners/workers to be friendly and appreciative of their customer base. Of course, the reverse is also true - customers who appreciate the men and women who work at Mike's place. Thank you for being there and I bring up the name of your place whenever I hear someone talk about needing repairs. THANK YOU

SCHERRYL F -Verified customer

It is nice when you walk into a place of business that you have not been to in a while and they remember who you are. They know their customers and you are greeted with a smile. I feel like now that I have a new family close buy. It is hard for female to feel comfortable about taking their car anywhere without think they are going to be charge higher prices just because they are a woman. This did not happen at all. They address all your needs and with a great price and will work with you. I am already planning my next trip. You should come and give them a try. Make them a part of your family.

LYNN R- Verified customer

What a great way to start my day!! I mean - getting the oil changed became a very enlightening engagement of terrific conversation with the owners and cliental in the waiting room, topped by wonderful service! The friendly environment and the continued professional service I have received on MANY occasions leads me to say...Check out MIKE'S folks - its right near the famous OLYMPIA DINER on the Berlin Turnpike.

ANNE & GILL B- Verified customers

Again you have outdone yourself! We had a broken vehicle and were on a short time frame for the repair and you came through for us, thank you. I have left your number with instructions that you should be contacted if anything else breaks. Your customer service is superb.









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